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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Do ABA Therapists Do?

This is going to be a quick mini-post. I was talking with a new client this morning who doesn't know much about ABA and she asked me "So, what do ABA therapists do anyway?" I had to stop and think about it for a minute, to figure out how to make my answer short and sweet. There can be SO much that is part of the job description of an ABA therapist. I'm sure other parents or professionals new to the field might be curious about it too.

What does an ABA Therapist do? What kind of activities does an ABA Therapist do? What does a typical day look like for an ABA Therapist?


If you  have ever been curious about any of those questions, then keep reading.

 ABA professionals work in the domain of Behavior. We observe, study, manage, teach, or reduce behaviors. A behavior is anything that is measurable and observable. The job duties of an ABA Therapist aren't necessarily confined to sitting at a table holding up picture cards and delivering bits of candy.

I rarely have 2 days that look the same and my job description is ever-changing, and always growing. Below are some of my actual job duties, past and present, with a variety of clients. No matter how odd or awesome it may sound, yes I was working at the time!

  • Spend the afternoon at the swimming pool, complete with a pizza party for lunch
  • Spend every friday at the beach
  • Go zip-lining together
  • Do laundry, complete with sorting and folding
  • Visit Six Flags
  • Give a haircut to a doll
  • Sing songs together with a karaoke machine
  • Dine together at a Benihana restaurant
  • Make, paint, and then decorate a kite. Then go to the park to fly it
  • Give a puppy a bath
  • Greet people outside of a Wal- Mart
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Attend church
  • Help a toddler transition from a crib, to a big boy bed
  • Have a mani-pedi party
  • Wash my car
  • Tell knock-knock jokes
  • Nature hike
  • Prepare and eat challah bread
  • Write a Christmas list, then go take it to Santa
  • Go bike riding at the park
  • Play baseball or tennis on a Nintendo Wii
  • Play dress up with makeup and wigs in a mirror
  • Help a man learn to shave his face
  • Flour fight
  • Water balloon fight
  • Jump on giant trampoline
  • Share breakfast at Burger King
  • Buy a Cinna-Bun at the mall
  • Get an adjustment at the chiropractors office
  • Paint our feet (not our toenails, our feet)
  • Sit inside of a tent and play Uno
  • Go indoor rock climbing
  • Check out books at the library
  • Have meltdowns inside of crowded malls --sorry, couldn't resist adding that one :-)


  1. you sound like a great therapist who is flexible to her kiddos' needs !
    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog

    1. Thank you! I'm really a fan of your blog and your son is a cutie pie