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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quote of The Day

"Just remember: the beauty of Behavior Analysis is its simplicity, not its complexity. You're about to learn a lot about the elegance of behavior" 
"The beauty of  Behavior Analysis is that it is really very simple (not easy, but simple)"
~~ Ann Beirne, Clinical Director Global Autism Project, Blogger: www.behaviormommy.com

Behavior Analysis is a tough but incredible job, that will constantly humble you. If you are working in this field and cant remember the last time you were humbled, thats not a good thing.

Behavior Analysis is about continually improving, continually learning, and continually seeking feedback. Looking back and saying "Yikes, I sure could have done that better" is not a rare occurrence. Behavior Analysts tend to be some of the most unusually geeky and logical people you may ever meet, who were either drawn into the field because of a love for science and data, or because we met an individual with Autism and HAD to learn more. 

The beauty of ABA IS in its simplicity: Feed the behaviors you want to see more, and starve the behaviors you don't. 

Its those pesky details that make it tough :-)

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