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So today's QOTD is pulled from an open letter written by a parent, to her son's Autism therapists. I think its a beautiful letter, and you should go here and read it now.

There are so many wonderful quotes I couldn't choose just one. So here are a few:

"This is your job, but this is very, very personal to me."

" I’ll tell you that as a parent, it is tough to get your head around the fact that you have a child you can’t help."

 "I wonder if you know that placing this responsibility in someone else’s hands is terrifying. You are tasked with seeing my child’s potential, and reaching through thorns and brambles, through cuts and scratches, and bringing all that potential to the surface. You are tasked with nothing less than changing my son’s life. This might be the most important thing you ever do."

To the parents/caregivers who are in the scary position of allowing a professional to impact the life of your child: You are rock stars. We do what we do to help you, to support you, and to encourage you. We are not here to embarrass, irritate, or condescend to you. If you are working with someone who makes you feel that way, that isn't ABA. That isn't helping, and that is not ok.

To the educators and professionals who are in the scary position of being the professional who chooses to daily help impact a child's life: You are amazing. You work hard and tirelessly, you motivate and cheer families on regardless of your own emotions, issues, or job stresses. You root for your clients/students and you believe in them. By doing your job with excellence you are changing mindsets about how people perceive ABA.

I think it is so important for professionals in this field to remember that more than our expertise or clinical recommendations, what parents need from us is understanding. Demonstrating patience and remaining non-judgmental is huge for a parent who is struggling to learn in a session what it took you years of college and multiple clients to learn. Remember that every consumer you interact with, you have an opportunity to help their life in some way or to make their life harder.

To all my wonderful blog readers, I wont be posting again until well after the holidays. After the New Year I will be traveling the entire month of January, so I wish all of you a happy & blessed Christmas! To keep you company while I am gone, I am leaving you with my favorite Christmas movie: A Christmas Story :-)

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