Quote Of The Day: Trialability

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Trialability - The degree to which an innovation is perceived as better than the idea it supersedes; how easily potential adopters can explore the innovation. 

Trialability basically refers to "How much will it cost me to give this a try?".
ABA therapy can be a difficult thing to "try". It isn't like tasting a food sample at the mall, or watching the first 5 minutes of a new sitcom to see if you like it. The costs of ABA are many, and for some, quite high.

To name a few, ABA therapy will demand:
Time, Materials, Mental Energy, Physical Energy, Training, Working Through/Past Discomfort

As professionals, we do consumers a disservice when we do not properly enlighten them, from the onset of services, of the hard work that is necessary for ABA therapy to be effective. I have worked with families who started treatment with a "Ok..guess we'll try this" kind of attitude, and to put it nicely: we didn't work together very long.

Am I saying every consumer needs to be an ABA expert before they pursue treatment? No. But its like training the body for physical exertion: jumping in with a minimum level of commitment will almost certainly lead to quitting as soon as things get tough or painful.


  1. I just got hired as a RBT. I have zero experience working with Autistic children. The information to learn is overwhelming. Is becoming an ABA easy? I have to get certified and I am scared to take the test. Any advice?

    1. Hi there!

      The information, at least initially, is absolutely overwhelming. ABA is a massive science and it takes time to learn not just the content but the jargon/terminology for everything.
      Don't expect to learn things quickly, just focus on understanding the material.
      While working on your credential, there is a reason why both experience and direct supervision are required: You need both to gain competency. So between your on-site experience and a strong supervisor training you, that is what I would recommend to develop your skillset.


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