What to Expect From a BCBA

I get lots of requests for information from people outside of the field of ABA, like speech therapists, educators, psychologists, social workers, etc. Which is surprising, but pretty cool.

There are many, many professionals who regularly come into contact with BCBA's, and would like to learn more from these BCBA's, but are not quite sure the best way to do so.
Trust me, I understand: sometimes the way BCBA's speak or behave can be confusing to people outside of the field. In our defense, most of us spent our days talking to other ABA professionals and so our ability to collaborate across disciplines or to explain concepts simply can get rusty.

Print out and share the handout below with anyone you think could benefit from this information, or maybe had a previous negative experience interacting with a BCBA.
ABA conferences and journal articles can be daunting if you are not in this field, so the best way to learn about ABA is to chat up the BCBA. So please allow me to help make that chat easier!

*Free Handout: Knowing What to Expect From a BCBA

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