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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quote of The Day

ABA is bigger than Autism.

Here are just a few of the many ways ABA professionals help society:

  • Clinical settings- Behavior Analysts or Behavior Specialists work in hospitals to provide therapy for medical trauma victims, people with mental or physical diseases, or as counselors to treat addiction and behavioral problems
  • Criminal Justice system- Behavior Analysts or Behavior Specialists consult on criminal cases,work inside prisons or juvenile detention centers, or examine ways to reduce recidivism rates
  • Community/Family systems- Behavior Analysts or Behavior Specialists help families or individuals with mental health issues, parenting problems, stress management, consult with child welfare agencies, or create behavioral management supports for elderly persons inside care facilities or living in the community
  •  Educational settings- Behavior Analysts or Behavior Specialists teach at universities, or work inside/ consult with public and private schools
  • Business world- Behavior Analysts or Behavior Specialists help large businesses and companies increase productivity or efficiently train new staff
  • Space program (bet you didn't know that!)- In the 1960's behavior analytic research was used to help train astronauts and chimps who were sent into space

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