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 "Oh my gosh, I PASSED!"

I get these kind of texts, emails, and voicemails all the time, from people I may have worked with for months, years, or even weeks, who feel like I was a part of their certification journey.
It's always so awesome to be able to say "Welcome to the club!" to a brand new BCBA, all fresh faced and excited, who just "joined the team".

But after that initial euphoria (and do believe, it's extremely euphoric), I often hear back from that same person with a nervous laugh and some kind of statement like: "So... what the heck do I do now?"





We spend so much time, sweat, and energy focused on obtaining certification, and so little planning/preparing for the reality of what comes after.

For those of you who may not have a great mentor, BA network, amazing supervisor, or trusted colleague to ask, I hope the resources below help you navigate your new title and role.

Go out there and be great!💜

Download: Handy-Dandy free resource

Verbal Beginnings blog

Don't Be THIS Kind of BCBA

"Are You a Great Supervisor?" 

Recognizing & Preventing Burnout:

Beating Burnout

Preventing Dreaded Burnout

Running on Fumes

Contributing Factors to BCBA Burnout

The Organized BCBA

'How to Identify Ethical Practices in Organizations Prior to Employment'

'What Makes an Ethical Behavior Analyst?'

Advice for New BCBAs

** Supervisor Magic! **

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