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 "101 Ways to Do ABA": An introductory overview of the vast array of behaviors, diagnoses, and settings, for which ABA therapy can be effective. The 92 page book is a complete list of guessed it, 101 ways ABA therapy can be implemented across the home, school, and community settings. Intended audience: Parents/Entry level professionals.

 "From A-Z: Teaching Skills to Children with Autism": A quick reference style guide to skill acquisition for ASD children, covers motor skills, academics, communication, play skills, etc. The 69 page book breaks down various skills/programs (such as Prepositions, Motor Imitation, Eye Contact, etc.), explaining possible ways to teach the skill. Intended audience: Educators or ABA professionals who collaborate with educators.

"A Manual: Creating an Autism Intervention Program": A thorough, step-by-step instruction booklet for creating a model of an Autism treatment clinic in under-served/rural/international locations . Includes printable teaching resources. The 111 page book covers center-based topics in great detail, such as designing the daily schedule, creating social skill groups, and the physical layout of the center space. Intended audience: ABA clinic/practice owners.

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 eBook, $16 USD: "A Parent's Guide - Before Starting ABA Therapy" - A 31 page simple and easy to read guide for any parent pursuing, but not yet receiving, ABA therapy services, or wanting to learn how to help their child right now before therapy services begin

eBook, $15 USD: "Trainer's Handbook" - A 22 page invaluable "How to be a Supervisor" handbook full of tips and helpful clinical strategies for anyone in the position of overseeing an ABA therapy program, direct staff, or training parents/caregivers

Training Manual, $21 USD: "ABA Practitioner Training Manual" - A 31 page manual intended to be utilized during a new hire training. Covers multiple critical topics that entry level ABA technicians should learn, including DTT implementation, NET implementation, effective prompting, data collection, professional behavior, etc.

Teaching Tools, $8 per item USD: A variety of simple ABA teaching handouts, treatment protocols, or visuals:
  • Behavior Skills Training (BST) Program for parent training
  • Session Update Note (for direct staff)
  • Group Instruction (Circle Time) Teaching Guide
  • Social Story: "Going to the grocery store"
  • Social Story: "Meltdowns"
  • Relaxation Strategies Protocol
  • Staff Performance Evaluation Form
  • Exploring Anger Program
  • Handout -Setting up Centers in the home
  • Behavioral Visual: "Making Good Choices"

Training Downloads, $26 USD per item: Actual detailed ABA trainings that can be used to conduct intensive parent or staff trainings/workshops (PowerPoint presentations)
  • Behavior Management for Children with Autism
  • Verbal Behavior (VB) Training
  • Initial ABA Training for Staff (entry level staff)
  • Parent Involvement Training
  • Naturalistic (NATs) Teaching Strategies
  •  ABA 101: An Introductory Guide for Parents
  •  In the Classroom: Creating Inclusive Teaching Environments
  •  ABA Training for Special Needs Ministries

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