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If you are in need of some handy-dandy ABA resources, I'm here to help!


I offer multiple ABA books and eBooks that are simple, practical, and easy to share with non -ABA clinicians or caregivers/parents.

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ABA Therapy Teaching Tools, $10 USD per item:

A variety of simple staff training handouts, treatment protocols, employee evaluation checklists, and ABA teaching visuals. These tools are generalized templates that will need to be edited to meet your specific teaching needs:

  • Sample Clinical Session Note 
  • Client Therapy Session Schedule (younger clients)
  • Client Therapy Session Schedule (older clients)
  • Creating a Special Needs Friendly classroom
  • Staff Resource: DTT  Quick Tips
  • Employee Exit Interview checklist
  • Meal Time Choice Board with instructions
  • Sample Daily Schedule for Home
  • Sample Employee Evaluation form
  • Sample Employee Performance Improvement Plan
  • Sample Parent Participation Agreement
  • Sample RBT Feedback form
  • Sample BCBA Feedback form
  • Sample Social Group Intake Packet
  • Sample Social Group Facilitator Guide
  • Staff Training Checklists (sold separately): DTT, Instructional Control, Community Instruction, Preference Assessments, Mand Training, NET, Parent Training, or Pre-Session Pairing
  • Group Instruction (Circle Time) Teaching Guide
  • Relaxation Strategies Protocol
  • Staff Bi-Annual Performance Evaluation Form
  • "Exploring Anger" De-escalation Program
  • Handout -"Setting up Centers in the home"
  • ABA Center Management Guide.PARENT
  • ABA Center Management Guide.EMPLOYEE

ABA Training Downloads, $20 USD per item:

Full and detailed ABA trainings that can be used to conduct intensive parent or staff trainings/ workshops (complete PowerPoint presentations). These trainings have been edited to remove any organization/client protected information, so it may be necessary to modify or add to the content depending on your specific training needs:

  • Behavior Management for Children with Autism
  • Verbal Behavior (VB) Training
  • Initial ABA Training for Staff 
  • The Basics: ABA Training for Educators
  • Naturalistic (NATs) Teaching Strategies
  •  ABA 101: An Introductory Training for Parents (target audience- parents/caregivers)
  •  In the Classroom: Creating Inclusive Teaching Environments
  • ABA Training for Special Needs/Autism Ministries
  • Effective Teaching: ABA Prompting Strategies
  • Successfully Involving Parents in Treatment
  • Parent Introduction to Home-Based ABA services (target audience- parents/caregivers)
  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • A Conversation about Ethics (Ethics training)

Parent Training Packet $40 USD:

Detailed data sheets, program sheet, and accompanying checklists/visuals, to create a systematic parent training binder. Instructions for compiling the binder are included. This packet can be used to create a thorough intervention plan to train parents in the fundamentals of ABA, over a span of several weeks or months (depends on the frequency of sessions):

  • E-Z Parent Training Packet

Click here to place an order, remembering to specify the product title by name. Once the order is received the content will be delivered to you via email as a PDF file.

Specialty Orders: If you are placing a large order (over 10 items) or want to inquire about a customized product/request a specific item not listed, please contact me directly. I try to work with all budgets.

Refund Policy: All sales are final, refunds will not be issued. Before making a purchase I suggest contacting me if you have questions about the products, or are unsure if the product will meet your training/learning need.

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