Blog Post #1: Welcome to I Love ABA!

Welcome to my Blog!

I'm a Behavior Specialist located in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been providing ABA services to children since 2002.

I started this blog as a way to freely share tips, strategies, and resources with fellow ABA therapists and to get to blab on and on about what I do (because I love it!).  However, anyone is welcome to visit my blog and learn about ABA. Everyone is welcome here.

When I first started working in this field I didn't know many other ABA professionals, and it's hard to do this type of work with minimal professional support. I hope this blog will be a source of support for other ABA professionals.
I  recognize that some people are anti-ABA or don't believe in therapy. It's not my goal here to try and convince people about ABA therapy, but rather to honestly talk about what ABA IS and is NOT and let people make up their own mind.

 I am so passionate about ABA because I have seen-- over and over again-- how it can improve the lives of children and their families.  I implement ABA strategies all the time to improve the lives of others and to teach specific skills, such as toileting, communication, putting shoes on, street safety, etc.
 ABA isn't just for children with Autism, although that is the prevailing myth at the moment. Behavior Analysts can work with animals, help businesses improve, benefit teachers/improve the effectiveness of instruction, work with elderly persons, work within the justice system, etc.

Maybe you will read something on my blog that motivates you to enter the field of ABA. The demand for caring, professional, and qualified ABA Therapists is very great!

Regardless of how you found this blog and my rambling little introduction, WELCOME.


  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog very much. I have been an ABA therapist for only about a year. I love ti very much although at times (or many times) it could be challenging. Thank you for sharing your thougths, skills and knowledge about ABA. I am always very nervous during group meeting because of my shy character but I know that it is important for the improvement and development of the child. Do continue to share more about ABA or any other therapy for ASD children and YA. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi and thanks for leaving a comment! As you get more experience your confidence will increase, and you will feel more comfortable in those team meetings! Im glad you find my blog helpful :-)

    1. Hi, tks for the reply! Your blog is really helpful. Whenever there is team meeting i will be very nervous and will feel that I have not done my best. But i guess i need more experience to boost up my confidence.

      Tks and let's continue to help in whatever way we can for children and people with ASD :)


    2. You are very welcome! Your positivity will take you a long way in this field. We need more people who truly have hearts for these kids:-)


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