Today's QOTD is a bit different. Its not a quote or inspirational saying, its a helpful tip.

Parents, did you know.....

.....about the Disneyland Autism Pass? If you go to Disneyland with paperwork verifying your child's diagnosis you can get a special badge that gets you to the front of every line in the park. The badge can be used by a group, as long as the child is in the group. No more waiting in line for an hour as your child with Autism melts down.
Many parents of children with Autism think that because their child doesn't have a physical disability that they can't ask for special services or privileges at public places or tourist attractions. Well, you can! Many movie theaters now offer Sensory Friendly Films, which includes leaving the lights on, playing the movie at a lower volume, AND you can bring your child's favorite snacks into the movie with you.
The next time you take your child with Autism to an amusement park, festival, movie theater, restaurant, or tourist attraction, be sure to ask what accomodations are available for children with disabilities.

Here is a guide to how to obtain the Autism Pass at Disneyland, written by the mother of a child with Autism.

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