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Like most BCBAs/ABA therapists, most of my time is spent in my car. It is my office during working hours. Recently I have begun taking advantage of all that drive time by subscribing to ABA related podcasts, so I can learn while I drive.
I have recently found two podcast series that I realllllly enjoy, and wanted to share with my blog readers. I think these are great for busy parents or professionals on the go who want to stay on top of special needs strategies and research in a way that is easy to digest (translation = without all the jargon). What I like about these podcasts is that even though its super up to date information, you dont need years of experience or advanced degrees to understand the information being presented. Anyone could easily listen and learn.

Special Parents Confidential is a resource website for parents of children with special needs. They cover a variety of special needs other than Autism, such as Downs Syndrome or Hearing Impairments. Their podcast covers lots of "need to know" topics, such as Medication Management, School System/IEP's, and living trusts/wills. I particularly recommend their podcast episode on ABA, I thought it was very through while also being presented in a clear, easy to understand way. Here is a link to their podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/special-parents-confidential/id624628417?mt=2

*For ABA professionals, I recommend a podcast series done by JJ from BeABetterBCBA.com. Very informative, but also fun to listen to. Here is a link to the podcast:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/behavioral-bytes/id562794063?mt=2

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