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This post is pretty unique. Instead of writing the information out, I decided to put it into a brief Power Point presentation. Why you ask? Well, why not? :-)

This post is a general outline of the sequence of teaching a target in skill acquisition and moving the skill from unknown to the learner, to known/absorbed by the learner.
There are many important steps to take along the way, particularly when teaching individuals on the Spectrum: maintaining a learned skill can be difficult, as can demonstrating the skill if the learning environment changes (if a teacher asks at school vs if Dad asks at home). All of this must be taken into consideration when teaching.

However, this information is not specific to Autism. At its core, ABA is just good teaching. So feel free to apply this information to teaching strategies for a variety of learners.

The way you have been taught to implement skill acquisition programs at your place of employment may be different from this outline, which is fine. This is a general snapshot of how to break down skill acquisition, to ensure important steps are not skipped over or neglected. Remember, nothing about ABA is one-size-fits-all, or paint by numbers.

This information should be helpful for anyone with the responsibility of creating skill acquisition programming, overseeing the implementation of the programs, and teaching direct staff or caregivers how to properly assess if a skill is "known".

To watch the presentation: download the PP, and play the slideshow. The audio should play by itself, and the slides should change automatically. Enjoy!

Presentation: Programming Sequence Overview

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