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I decided to do another audio post, about an important topic: ABA intervention goals and how they vary as the client ages. It doesn't matter whether you are an ABA professional, a parent, or an educator/paraprofessional, if you are responsible for selecting treatment plan goals this post should help you.
This post will answer questions such as:

  1. What exactly does "learning how to learn" mean?
  2. For young children/adolescents/adults, what are some common areas of concern that intervention needs to address?
  3. How can these areas of concern be addressed, specifically?
  4. Why is it so important to target these specific areas at different client ages or stages? How do these specific intervention strategies help teach critical life skills?
  5.  If my client is approaching a new age or stage, how can I prepare them for the upcoming stage of intervention?  

You can download the presentation here, then just start the slideshow and click on the little speaker icons to hear the audio narration.
 I hope its helpful!

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