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So excited to introduce a new resource, this one is targeted specifically to parents pursuing ABA therapy for their child.

I regularly talk with people who are seeking ABA therapists, have questions about what ABA therapy entails, or have been waiting and waiting for therapy services to begin and are curious if they should be doing something while waiting (the answer to that is always yes).

Since I am so incredibly brilliant, it only took a few hundred times of this happening before it occurred to me that perhaps creating a parent resource aimed at answering the most common questions would be helpful? Yes. I think it will be quite helpful.

If you are a parent currently in some stage of pursuing ABA therapy, this resource will help you:
  • Finally get a straight and simple answer about what ABA therapy is
  • Learn what to do about problem behavior, right now
  • Learn how to help your child catch up developmentally, right now
  • Identify (and avoid) the low quality or unethical therapy providers out there
  • Increase your understanding of ABA & "ABA speak", in preparation for working with a team of ABA professionals

However, this resource won't just help parents. For my fellow ABA professionals, this resource can help you:
  • Design/implement a parent training or parent resource to give to families currently on your waiting list
  • Identify the top questions or concerns most parents have when initiating ABA therapy
  • Clearly and plainly teach parents about Behavior Management, and Skill Acquisition

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