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So many times in this ABA universe when we talk about CHOICE, we always talk about the individual receiving treatment. The student, client, child, etc.
What about our choices? How much in a typical day do you think about the impact your choices have on the behavior of the consumers you treat, or the children you are raising?

When I first meet new families, a common misconception I enjoy correcting is the idea that the child is completely "out of control". I hear statements like, "Well he can't help it, he has Autism", or "We know it will probably always be like this, but do you think there is any hope she might get better?". Statements like that come from a belief that problem behaviors don't involve choice, which leads to the next belief that as caregivers or treatment providers we are powerless to change behavior. Well clearly that can't be true, or there would be a lot of ABA practitioners standing on street corners with "Will write Behavior Plan for food" signs. ;-)

When you understand that your choices impact your child's choices, or your choices impact your client's choices, it opens up a dizzying amount of possibilities and potential outcomes. So make wise choices today, that will benefit you tomorrow.

*Recommended Reading: The Burden of Choice

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