Today's QOTD isn't quite a direct inspirational quote, it's more of a helpful -and important- resource.

From Dr. Mary Barbera, here is a short and sweet vlog on teaching non-vocal individuals to communicate distress due to pain:

For parents and professionals alike, this hits home. I have worked with many kids who had recurrent medical issues or problems, such as frequent colds (which can bring an unpleasant head fog and nose irritation), bowel/indigestion issues, acid reflux, ear infections with painful blockage, etc.

Can you imagine for a sec, experiencing some kind of painful event and not having the means to communicate that to anyone? Especially if you are a child, and cannot just run to CVS and pick up some medication to make yourself feel better. And we wonder why some of our clients get so frustrated or angry??

Taking this beyond physical pain for just a sec, in my own life when I am in a funk/sad, furious, or anxious about something, it can manifest in my body as physical symptoms. Ever heard of "butterflies in your stomach"? Or "a stress -anger headache"? WOO, I've definitely had more than a few of those.
But unlike many of my clients, I have the ability to communicate I feel like being left alone. Or, I can obtain and then ingest medicine. Or, I can choose to postpone tasks until I feel better (i.e. "Guess I'll be finishing up that report tomorrow...").

The ability to communicate not just thoughts & wants, but private events (feelings, moods, sensations, etc.) is SO critical, regardless of age or ability. I consider it a life skill.

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