Audio Post: Consultation Champ!

It's been way-y-y-y too long since my last audio post, so now seems like a good time for one focused on ABA Consultation, and being a Consultation C-H-A-M-P ;-)

ABA Consultation is an interesting animal that can be very different from the typical BCBA supervision or case management role, in terms of pay, workload, clients served, time demands/responsibilities, and on and on. I use the word "Consultant" specifically to mean an ABA professional who works independently (self-employed) to serve clients. 

There are many snares and barriers that can pop up and impede effective service delivery when consulting, and I am often contacted by ABA peeps confused if they are ready to wade into the consulting waters. There are many things to consider beyond the obvious question of possessing the clinical skillset to practice independently. To name a few: 

How to find clients, Where to advertise, How to bill for services, What materials to use, Ethical issues when joining multi-disciplinary teams, How to address contract violations, etc.

Two quick tips before you start listening to the audio post:

- Legally, a CPA and/or an attorney who knows the laws of your state would be the best person to answer specific tax, income/1099 filing, billing, etc. sort of questions when it comes to consultation.
- If you are located outside of the US, "consultation" may mean something completely different for you as an ABA professional. For my international readers, you may need to speak to professionals in your local area to determine how much of this information will be applicable for you. On that same topic, if you live in the US but consult with individuals outside of the US, you need to get familiar with differences in how ABA services can be provided in that location. 

You can download the presentation HERE, then just start the slideshow and the audio narration should run automatically.

* Resources for further learning:

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