Quote of The Day

 "You are not Superman, and you are not Superwoman. Take off the cape."

Tameika Meadows 

Today's QOTD is from an amazing podcast I had the privilege to join: "Shifting Perspectives", hosted by Yolande Robinson.

During the insanity that has been 2020, parents of Autistic children, teens, and adults, have had to repeatedly pivot and navigate new situations when it comes to lack of supports, no access to community providers, increased unemployment, schools or colleges shut down, homeschooling nightmares, increased anxiety, increased depression, and on and on. 

We have all been impacted by this pandemic and global turmoil, but for families raising special needs children there are unique issues and factors that come with the territory. 

What is needed now is encouragement, support, practical strategies, and a reminder that no one should be trying to "do it all" right now. That just isn't possible. Focus on what can be changed and improved, and learn to adapt to what cannot.

Podcast episode link:  Episode 19  "Take off the Cape"

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