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"...They discovered that many of the challenges they face daily are not "symptoms" of their Autism, but hardships imposed by a society that refuses to make basic accommodations for people with cognitive disabilities as it does for people with physical disabilities such as blindness and deafness"

"There seemed to be so little information available about raising kids on the spectrum that didn't view Autism as the principal problem to be surmounted, rather than tackling the practical barriers that stood in the way of fulfilling their potential"

'NeuroTribes' by Steve Silberman

Autism is a disability, and a gift. It is a vast spectrum, where the challenges and unique talents are dispersed unevenly, uniquely, and entirely heterogeneously from one person to the next.

For this very reason, it can be insanely difficult to find appropriate resources, therapies/interventions, medication protocols, schools & college programs, or job placements "for" Autistics. What works for one Autistic, will be 100% nonhelpful for a different Autistic. An amazing private school program that serves highly verbal and autonomous Autistic children, would likely be a terrible fit for Autistic children who do not communicate by speaking, are not toilet trained, and engage in self-harming behaviors. Oh, and also the level of support that is successful THIS year, could be too much or not enough come next year.

This is not paint-by-numbers. There is no magic solution.

We must do the hard work, every day, to provide compassionate, individualized, and dignity respecting care and support to the Autistic children, teens, and adults in our life.

No shortcuts.

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