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"McABAs" is my own created term to refer to the low-quality, murky billing practices, mass produced interventions ("cookie cutter" programs), undertrained or nontrained RBTs, and overworked and harried clinicians, kind of ABA providers.

Similar to how when your body is hungry and in need of sustenance, I don't recommend reaching for a greasy fast food bag of empty calories, if you are in need of high-quality, professional, ethical behavior analytic services I don't recommend calling up a McABA.

The problem is, low-quality providers may not look/seem like a low-quality provider. Unlike fast food chains, you can't just look for the obvious golden arches or the blatant drive thru window.

As a caregiver, parent, or person seeking ABA services for themselves, it is critical to learn to weed through your options, weigh one place against another, and look for red flag concerning signs and indicators of a low-quality provider.

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