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A bit about me:


I'm a Board- Certified Behavior Analyst in Atlanta, GA, with a lifelong calling to help, to teach, and to equip.

The 'I Love ABA!' blog was born in 2011, as a way for me to share with anyone interested the ins and outs of being an ABA practitioner, and quite honestly to give me an excuse to blab on and on about the amazing kids I work with.

I've been providing ABA therapy services to young children with Autism since early 2003. My career in ABA started when I stumbled upon a parent made flyer on my college campus for what I assumed was a babysitting job. The job turned out to be an entry level ABA therapy position working with an adorable Autistic child. This first taste of the ABA world would prove to be the very unplanned beginning of a passionate career for me.

From those early days working in homes, I am now an author, blogger, Consultant, and I regularly work with schools, centers, and ABA agencies all over the world to create excellent training experiences for staff or families. 

A dissatisfaction with arrogant professionals who talk over the heads of families led me to a passion for effective parent training. Parent coaching is my #1 favorite part of my job. I enjoy taking complicated concepts and making them easier to digest, and watching parents fall in love with the science of Behavior Analysis. 

That's what my blog is all about: sharing ABA in a way that is non-intimidating and SIMPLE to grasp. Most of the content is directed towards laypersons/parents, but ABA professionals are always welcome here as well! 

If you have a question about the blog, general feedback, or need to contact me, feel free to do so:


Site Disclaimer: is a personal blog and website, consisting of tons of information about the science of Behavior Analysis, but also my own opinions, stories, and personal experiences. 
This blog is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice/treatment, or to replace the need for individualized and specialized ABA treatment provided by a qualified professional familiar with the strengths and needs of a particular individual
I am not your personal BCBA Consultant, and thus it would be inappropriate and unethical of me to give specific advice to individuals I am not directly working with. It would also be unethical of me to answer specific homework or assignment questions, so for the students out there please direct your homework/assignment questions to your course professor and/or college advisor.

I get asked very often, but unfortunately I do not advertise/promote products, business, job postings, or the like, on my website. Thank you for your offer, but I am not interested. is not associated or affiliated with any organization, employer, or company. The opinions and thoughts expressed on do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the BACB.

This blog is always in transition; as information and technology change and improve, the blog owner reserves the right to modify or delete content. 
 The blog owner does not claim to be an expert on every child and every behavior scenario, and readers of this blog should not expect all information to apply accurately and perfectly to their child/client/student. ABA is not a 1 size fits all approach, and the information on this blog is intended to be an introduction to what ABA therapy has to offer, and cannot serve as a step-by-step guide for individual consumers. In order to be most effective ABA recommendations must be individualized for the specific client, which is not something a blog/website forum such as this can offer.

Differences of opinion or differing viewpoints are always welcome here; however, inflammatory, hostile, disparaging, or disrespectful comments directed towards ABA, the blog owner, specific companies or individuals, etc., will not be posted on this blog

Readers of this blog use the resources, tips, and opinions stated on the blog at their own risk, and accept responsibility for conducting their own research on Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, and behavior analytic therapeutic interventions. 
The owner of this blog accepts no responsibility for the content of external links, videos or photographs, or downloadable files or programs linked through this blog.
 The owner of this blog is not paid to blog, and any recommendations or descriptions of ABA related companies, materials, toys, assessments, tools, or books/media materials is based solely on the blog owner’s experiences and opinions. is available via translation in multiple languages, and the owner of this blog is not responsible for any errors or misunderstandings in translation related to the content of this blog.

All information or resources on this blog can be freely shared and disseminated, with proper citation left intact. Stealing information, posts, or resources, is never ok.

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